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US Genealogy Map Project

Disclaimer/Sources of the information

I am in no way a historian/surveyor/geographer/etc.  My background/training is in
Computer Programming, Microprocessor Electronics and Networking.

The text information and free-hand US border/land transfer map drawings are my
interpretations of the data extracted from the sources listed below.

I have generally covered all of the major area boundry changes.  If more
details/specifics are required, should now have a starting point from
which to do your own research from.

If there are any major/blatant errors, please let me know so I can correct.
Information that is/was confusing, I have placed question marks before and after the text.

Sources of the information...
The majority of information was extracted from:
   Shepherd's Historical Atlas, Ninth Edition
   Reprinted 1976, SBN 06-013846-7
   Pages 196-203

Additional sources used for clarification/specifics included:
   Encyclopedia Britannica '99 CD
   miscellaneous Web sites dealing with the specific issues
   Atlas of American History, 2nd Edition Revised
   Published by Charles Schribner's Sons, NY
   Reference Book Division
   G1201.S1A8  1984  911.73  84-675413
   ISBN 0-684-18411-7

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12/1998 M.A.Leonard, Last Update-01/2002