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US Genealogy Map Project: State, County, Territory Maps

Moved to 01/05/2002

This site was mainly constructed for Genealogy / Family History research, but could be used for basic US history also. It contains maps with narratives of US border and land transfers from 1783 to present, indicating land acquisitions to US territories thru Statehood, with summaries by individual State.

Included on each State page are Genealogy / Family History related links for the State. An additional link goes to a map with the States County borders with names. Also provided is a cross reference of County names to the States they're located in.

For sites with related information/maps, see the "About" link below.

U.S. Border/Land Claims 1783 - 1803

U.S. Border/Land Claims 1804 - 1823

U.S. Border/Land Claims 1824 - 1849

U.S. Border/Land Claims 1850 - 1859

U.S. Border/Land Claims 1860 - 1866

U.S. Border/Land Claims 1867 - 1959

Border/Land Claims By State

County Name To State Cross Reference

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