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US Genealogy Map Project

About this project

This project started when I was trying to trace family from the early 1860's
in "Virginia".  I kept running into "dead-ends" and no data available.  It
was at this time that my "little grey cells" decided to remind me that West
Virginia was part of Virginia up until the Civil War (1863).  This then made
me wonder what other border changes I would run into as I go back in time.

I searched the Web, but could not find any sites that had anything close to the
information I was looking for (see *Note).  Thinking that this information would
be of use to all "family" researchers, I thus decided to compile and publish it.

I've made the pages as "generic" as possible, without all of the "glits", etc
so download/retrieval is maximized.  We're dealing with information, not how
much "neat stuff" can be put on a page.

Hopefully, my naming the project the "US Genealogy Map Project" (USGENMAP)
does not infringe on anyones copyright, registered names, etc.

Moved from my (old) ISP as homepages to with a virtual domain name.

*NOTE-When I was just about done with the Border/Land Transfer pages, I finally did find some sites that were close... Univ. Virginia - United States Territorial Maps 1775-1920 Univ. Texas Austin - Historical Maps of the US Boundaries of the Contiguous US - Animated Evolution of County boundaries - Animated

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12/1998 M.A.Leonard, Last Update-05/2003