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US Border / Land Claims 1860 - 1866

=====Land Transfer Events 1860 - 1866=====

1861    Utah Territory reorganized into the Colorado Territory (West half of
        Colorado), the Utah Territory (Utah) and the Nevada Territory (Nevada-North
        of 36 degrees 30 min).  SouthWest Wyoming added to the Nebraska Territory.

1861    Kansas admitted to the Union as 34th state.  Remainder of Kansas
        Territory (Central/Eastern Colorado) added to the Colorado Territory.

1861    Nebraska Territory and remainder of Minnesota Territory reorganized
        into the Dakota Territory (So.Dakota, No.Dakota, North half of Wyoming, and
        majority of Montana) and the Nebraska Territory (Nebraska and South half of
        Wyoming).  NorthEast/NorthCentral Colorado added to the Colorado Territory.
        Far SouthEast corner of Washington Territory (SouthCentral Wyoming) added to
        the Nebraska Territory.

1861    ?New Mexico Territory "piece" of Colorado added to the Colorado Territory?

1863    New Mexico Territory reorganized into the Arizona Territory (Arizona)
        and the New Mexico Territory (New Mexico).
        ?Nevada "piece" added to the Nevada Territory?

1863    Washington Territory reorganized into the Washington Territory (Washington)
        and the Idaho Territory (Idaho, Western Montana and WestCentral Wyoming).
        Vancouver Island in dispute with Great Britain until 1872.

1863    Dakota Territory reorganized, now consists of North and South Dakota,
        with the remainder (North half of Wyoming and majority of Montana) added
        to the Idaho Territory.

1863    West Virginia separates from Virginia, admitted to the Union as 35th state.

1864    Montana Territory (Montana) created from Idaho Territory.
        Remainder of Idaho Territory consists of Idaho and North half of Wyoming.

1864    Nevada admitted to the Union as 36th state.

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