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US Border / Land Claims 1804 - 1823

=====Land Transfer Events 1804 - 1823=====

1804    Louisiana Purchase organized into Territory of Orleans (Louisiana)
        with remainder as "District of Louisiana".
        Western borders in dispute with Spain until 1819.

1805    "District of Louisiana" reorganized as Territory of Louisiana.

1805    Lower Michigan organized as Territory of Michigan from Indiana Territory.

1809    Illinois Territory organized from Indiana Territory, consisting of
	Wisconsin, Illinois and NorthEast Minnesota.  Indiana and Upper Michigan
	remaining in Indiana Territory.

1810    West half of West Florida seized from Spain.

1812    Territory of Louisiana reorganized into Missouri Territory
	(aka The Indian Country).  Western border in dispute with Spain until 1819.

1812    Territory of Orleans admitted to the Union as State of
	Louisiana, 18th state.  Western border in dispute with Spain until 1819.

1813    East half (remainder) of West Florida seized from Spain.

1816    Indiana admitted to the Union as 19th state.
	Remainder of Indiana Territory (Upper Michigan) added to Illinois Territory.

1817    Mississippi admitted to the Union as 20th state.
	Remainder of Mississippi Territory organized into the Territory of Alabama.

1818    Illinois admitted to the Union as 21st state.  Remainder of Illinois
        Territory (Wisc., NE Minn., Mich UP.) added to Michigan Territory.

1818    Treaty with Great Britain sets Northern border at 49 degrees North.
        Running from Lake of the Woods (Minn.), West to the Continental Divide.
        Northern tip of original Louisiana Purchase (now Missouri Terr.) ceded to Britain.
        Lands South of border ceded to the U.S. and added to the Missouri Territory.

1818    Joint claim with Great Britain sets "The Oregon Country" as
        being between 42 degrees North to 54 degrees 40 minutes North with the
        Eastern boundry as the Continental Divide.

Note-  "The Oregon Country", claimed by multiple nations (France,
        Spain, Russia, Great Britain and the U.S.).
        France relinquished claims in 1803 ?with sale of Louisiana Territory?

1819    East Florida ceded by Spain.

1819    Alabama Territory admitted to the Union as State of Alabama, 22nd state.

1819    Western borders of Louisiana and the Missouri Territory set by
        treaty with Spain.

1819    Arkansas Territory organized from Missouri Territory.
	Consists of Arkansas and majority of Oklahoma.

1819    Treaty with Spain sets the Northern border of Spanish claims
        at 42 degrees North.  Relinquishing claims to "The Oregon Country".
        Lands North of the border added to "The Oregon Country".

1820    District of Maine separated from Massachusetts and admitted to
	the Union, 23rd state.  Northern boundry still in dispute with Great Britain.

1821    Missouri admitted to the Union, 24th state.
        Note - Current NW corner not included until 1836.

1821    Mexico (aka New Spain) declares independance from Spain.

1822    East Florida organized as Territory of Florida.

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