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QryUsr GUI Input

(Wrote this before getting into VB/Java script, which can do the same with.)

ABOUT: This is a program (written in VB4) to ask the user a question and then pass the entrys as parms for BAT/CMD input. Should be able to run on Win9x and above. WHY: I had a need at work to query users for a variable length string to be used as a parm in bat files. I searched the web and found multi programs that would either only accept a Y/N input or they would input strings and put out to a file. Then had hassle of getting the content of the text file back into my bat to use as a parm....and they mostly were command line input instead of a GUI. LICENCE: I'm putting this out as Freeware as long as all files are distributed together and no changes are made to the exe or this instruction file. HISTORY: v1.0 May 27, 2003 Original release v1.1 Feb 7, 2004 Allowed for multi line question. Added "Window" parm option. Made optional parms non-positional and changed coding for. Refer to the QryUsr_doc.txt file for usage and (included) examples.

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