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E-mail 28 Jun 1999... This is one of the best genealogy sites I have seen on the Internet. I am sending an email to all my family and friends who are doing genealogy. Thank you so much for your efforts. --name--, Palmyra VA E-mail 28 Jul 1999... made my day! Thank you for the wonderful posting of the material on Maps. I have been working on genealogy for nearly 25 years and in the past couple I have been SO encouraged in what I am finding. I find it fantastic that I can get so much info on the Internet. It's thoughtful people like you that are making my life exciting and determined to find these evasive relatives. Thanks again and here's a big hug for your effort. Granny in Oceanside, California. E-mail 07 Sep 1999... I enjoyed your bit about the county names etc. I enjoyed your comment about Cleveland. There are many Cleveland(cities/villages/counties) out there. PS: there is one 'oh' and one 'ah' and two 'ee's in genealogy. Wonder/ delight/ fear --name-- E-mail 11 Jul 2000... Excellent Site. Thank you. --name-- E-mail 24 Aug 2000... Cannot THANK YOU enough for such a fantastically superb site!!! This is a wonderful addition to research tools for those of us that can't afford to purchase everything we need! This will helpful in "hunting relatives" as you may be looking in one area during a certain time period and cannot find them, as is my case, and thanks to these maps, may find where they actually were. They are excellent and well done. Keep up the good work, and would love to be notified of any updates, any other maps etc. that you plan on doing. --name-- E-mail 22 Mar 2001... Thank you for a very interesting and well-done site. --name--, Negaunee MI E-mail 22 Mar 2001... Just wanted to tell you what a great site you've created!!!! --name-- E-mail 22 Mar 2001... Thank you very much. This site will really come in handy when we are chasing our pesky ancestor's. --name-- E-mail 24 Mar 2001... I just discovered your Map project page. It is GREAT, WONDERFUL, FABULOUS!! --name-- E-mail 29 Mar 2001... Thank you so much for the county listings for the states. It really helps when I am searching for relatives in areas where I am very unfamiliar! I appreciate all your work in getting them on line. Thank you! --name-- for 11 April 2001..USGENMAP E-mail 13 Apr 2001... EXCELLENT web site! Thanks! This is very well presented and easy to read and learn -- I appreciate your efforts! --name, Kerrville, TX for 01 Sept 2001..USGENMAP for 14 Sept 2001..GENDATE

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