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GenDate Converter

GenDate... A date conversion program written with the Genealogist in mind. You've probably run across at least one of the following: Newspaper death notice/article, that either has the articles date or you know the date it was published, and within it, it states "died last Tuesday"... ...but you don't know which day of the week the article was from, so you could count back to get the date of death. Death notice/tombstone inscription, that gives the date of death and tells how many "years, months, days of age" they were... ...and you wanted to figure out their date of birth. You tried using your computers date function to try to find these dates, but found out it will not go back any further than 1980? Now instead of digging out old calendars and trying to manually calculate these dates and which day of week. You can now do this at the comfort of your PC with minimum time and effort spent. For about the same cost of a birth or death certificate ($10 US), you can have your own registered copy of GENDATE converter. This program is being distributed as Shareware. Which means that after you have used it a couple of times, for "evaluation" purposes, to determine if it meets your needs/proves useful. You are obligated to either make payment to register your copy or completely remove it from your system. Requires Windows 3.1/9x or better. Hardly uses any memory(approx 64K) or disk space(250K). HISTORY: v1.0 Jan 05, 2002 Original release
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